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Bring home your pet from the Blue Cross Adoptothon

Adopt puppies from your street

Movie star Trisha who adopted her dog Cadbury from the street, and actor and animal activist Amala, will be present at Blue Cross of India on Sunday, 17 June, as ambassadors for the cause.

If you're looking to add a companion animal to your home, you’re just in time for the Blue Cross of India adoptathon. This upcoming event is eagerly awaited by Chennai’s pet lovers and will feature several rescued kittens, puppies and adult dogs for adoption free of cost. All the puppies are Indian or mixed breeds, and volunteers of the NGO elaborate that getting a local breed has multiple advantages

Indian dogs (or mongrels) have short fur coats that are perfectly suited to our tropical climate

They have robust immune systems and are hardy, meaning they live longer lives and will need fewer stressful trips to the vet.

Being natural breeds, they have not been subjected to any genetic manipulation and will therefore not suffer from defects caused by in-breeding.

Adoption of local breeds has become a healthy trend in Chennai as people are increasingly becoming aware of the problems of the pedigree trade. Says Rohit Iyer, a volunteer at the Velachery shelter where the event will take place – “People buy pedigree breeds as a status symbol. If you buy a puppy, it might have a good life but its mother is suffering an endless cycle of giving birth. The pedigree trade is very abusive towards dogs. A basset hound that was admitted in Blue Cross recently was used multiple times for breeding and then abandoned. You are not doing any good by buying a pedigree pup. You are merely contributing to a business”. Volunteers also observe that purebred dogs suffer serious genetic defects if they are victims of in-breeding. Further, their fur coats are thick and unsuitable for our harsh summers.

The organisers of this adoption drive are hoping that breed bias will soon be eliminated. “Adopt an Indian mongrel and make a difference,” says Rohit. “The most beautiful dog I've ever seen is one that was adopted as a puppy from the Velachery shelter,” he says. Movie star Trisha who adopted her dog Cadbury from the street will be present at the event as an ambassador for the cause. Actor and founder of Blue Cross, Hyderabad, Amala will also be present at the event.

Apart from Indian puppies, the Blue Cross Adoptathon will also feature over 30 kittens and a few abandoned pedigree adult dogs for adoption. Adoptions will take place after a brief interview with the family to assess their readiness for a pet and volunteers will regularly follow-up on the animal's well-being and clarify doubts if any. Families will need to bring address and ID proof to the venue. Says an impish mongrel puppy on the adoptathon poster – “We are cute, healthy and are looking for our forever homes. Will you adopt us?”


Date: 17 June, Sunday

Time: 3 pm - 7 pm

Venue: Blue Cross of India, 72, Velachery Main Road, Guindy

Contact: 9952075570 or 9176927917

Entry: Free

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