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Leash & Collars

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Dog collar small for puppies

Dog collar small, for Puppies & small dogs
Rs. 120 Rs. 60

Dog Choke Chain

Dog Choke Chain, keep your pet in your control while on a walk.
Rs. 150 Rs. 75

Dog collar small

Dog collar small, for small & medium dogs
Rs. 150 Rs. 90

Collar Bell for Dogs & Cats

Beautiful hanging collar bells for your puppy, dog, cat or kitten.
Rs. 150 Rs. 90

Top quality hook

Top quality hook suitable use with dog rope, leash etc
Rs. 150 Rs. 90

Dog collar medium

Dog collar small, for medium & adult dogs
Rs. 150 Rs. 95

Dog collar big

Dog collar big, for medium & big dogs
Rs. 250 Rs. 120

Adjustable dog collar for small & medium dogs

High Quality Adjustable Dog Collar For Small & Medium Dogs
Rs. 250 Rs. 120

Dog Body Belt - Harness Soft

Convenient & Soft adjustable body belt for your pet
Rs. 450 Rs. 125

Leash with collar set - small (1/2")

1/2 inch width leash with collar
Rs. 299 Rs. 125

Merapuppy Nylon Collar (W = 1")

1" wide and 21 inches long, Suitable for gaint breed puppies & regular dogs, Green For Maxi Breeds Dogs 4+ Months & Giant Breeds Dogs 3 - 6 Months
Rs. 125